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Lithium-ion battery electrolyte is one of the four key materials, mainly by the solute lithium salt (mostly lithium hexafluorophosphate LiPF6), solvents and additives. Electrolyte between the positive and negative plays a role in conduction of lithium-ion, the battery safety, performance and cost have a significant impact. The company's products of good technical performance, products in accordance with industry standards HG / T4067-2008 through the Hubei Provincial Chemical Products Testing Center of detection, quality standards. The key indicators of moisture content control in 10ppm below, acidity control in the 20ppm below, in the leading domestic level, the product has been unanimously endorsed by the user. Company's existing 7,000 tons / year lithium battery electrolyte production line, the only electrolyte in Hubei Province production enterprises.

Lithium iron phosphate electrode material is mainly used for a variety of lithium-ion battery. Chemical name: LiMPO4. The appearance of black powder-like particles. Compared with LiCoO2, LiMn2O4 and LiCoO2, LiMPO4 has a wider range of raw materials, lower cost and no environmental pollution than traditional Li-ion secondary battery cathode materials, spinel-structured LiMn2O4 and layered LiCoO2.
The company's products are stable and excellent performance, in line with the needs of battery manufacturers. Has now been part of the domestic battery factory trial, a good response. Especially low-temperature performance, the leading domestic. And we have developed a conductive polymer composite technology across the patent barrier for the product to enter the international market to lay a good foundation.

Chemical energy storage device is an important part of the energy system, in which lithium-ion batteries and electrochemical supercapacitors due to the performance of much attention. Lithium-ion battery has the advantages of high working voltage, high energy density (150-200Wh / Kg), no pollution and small volume. It is often used in portable electronic equipment and is the preferred energy storage device for electric vehicles. There are also low power density, short cycle life, poor low temperature performance and other issues. Electrochemical supercapacitor is a double-layer or Faraday quasi-capacitor based on the principle of working principle of the energy storage period, the biggest advantage is that with excellent fast charge and discharge characteristics, power density up to 10kW / kg, with a long cycle life Million times, the working temperature is wide and so on. The company developed the super capacitor electrolyte, the use of TEABF4 electrolyte salt and special additives, with high voltage, flame retardant, etc., to meet customer shoot a variety of technical indicators.